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Gem Crystal Wedding SetSquare Wrap Wedding Set
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Gem Crystal Wedding Set

What are "Designer Wedding Rings"? The term refers to wedding rings that the maker markets under his or her own name in contrast to a style or ring design that is marketed under a manufacturer's company name. If you have been searching for wedding Rings you have probably noticed that the actual styles of the rings may or may not be all that unusual. It simply means the originator has designed the line. Some ring developers are more progressive and others are more traditional. Most of the wedding rings you see are designed by a designer and made by a manufacturer. At Greg Neeley Design the designer, Greg Neeley, designs and makes the jewelry he designs in his own studio in Colorado. We design and make cutting edge wedding rings and Designer jewelry directly to the customer. Designer wedding rings can be modern or traditional, we tend to focus on the more unusual and modern in design but as an award winning designer, Greg Neeley works in a wide spectrum of styles and motifs. Greg will design or customize one of his existing designs just for you and your special needs. Take a look through our jewelry collection and see if there is a wedding ring or other jewelry that fits your taste. Then contact us and let Greg customize or design something special for you. Greg Neeley Design is a "Designer Wedding Ring Company"!

Are you looking for something very special for the symbol of your special love? Greg would love to make a wedding ring just for you!

Greg Neeley Design offers a wide range of styles and sizes to fit your taste
and your budget or Greg will customize a ring just for you.

Call or Contact Greg today and see what he will create for you!

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