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Hello hopeful bride. What a wonderful time if life it is to be in love and full of hope. We love marriage and we want to help in any way we can. We have collected some information that we deemed helpful if you are wondering if he is going to ask the "big questions".

First here are a few questions to ask yourself; Are you sure you are ready to marry and specifically marry him? Do you know enough about him? Do you have your own dream of the future, for yourself?

We encourage you to answer these for yourself and we have some helpful ideas for each one of these important questions and how to answer them; Have you talked about marriage with him? Has he talked with you about marriage and the future? Knowing one another and being able to talk to one another about your hopes and dreams as well as your needs and likes is important in any relationship and in marriage more than any other. Here is a site , 20 things to discuss with him before marriage:

Be sure you know him and most of all that he know you. Maybe you know all about him but does he really know you? Can you tell him about yourself and your dreams? Is he supportive of career and your friends and family? Do you feel like you can do what you want in life, can you find your dream with him?

Dreams of marriage are full of wonder especially for the bride. It is your day, the day you have been dreaming of maybe all your life. We would love to contribute to your day. Our first hope is that you can know yourself. Do you want a traditional style wedding or something creatively new and unique? Be sure you discover your inner desires and give yourself permission have it your way.

Now for the fun stuff!

How is he going to know which ring you want?

Here is an Idea, show him this site and show him how you can choose the ring you like. Another one is to bring up the idea of a colored diamond. Do you like them? Do you want all white? Either way our shopping site is a great way to break the ice about ring styles, diamond preferences and even wedding colors. The more you talk about it the more he will know what you prefer. Maybe he wants to surprise you with a romantic proposal. Surprise does not mean you have no idea he wants to marry you. Surprise means he planned a special gift for you that you did not know about. You thought you were going to a dinner with friends and he surprises you with the ring! Trust me, he wants to know what you want, he does not want to propose to you with a ring that you do not like. You are doing you both a big favor in communicating to him any preferences you have.

This is a site that we know well and recommend for planning you have probably heard of it:

They have a huge site, full of everything for the entire wedding from the proposal to the honeymoon.

We invite you to return here often as we will be adding more and more ideas as well as our subscribers experiences and ideas. Like us on FaceBook and follow us on pinterest and twitter. We are always adding new ideas and new jewelry designs.

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