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Wow, you are in love and planning marriage. We are so happy for you both! This is the most wonderful time in your life and you are about to begin a journey of a lifetime. Congratulations!

We want to help you in any way we can in planning your wedding. From the engagement to the honeymoon and anniversary dinner, we are working hard to find ways to make your experience more wonderful and less stressful.

We have collected some information that we think you will find helpful. First ask yourselves a couple of important questions; Can you tell each other what you really want out of life? How about a cup of coffee? You know one of the most important things in a marriage is taking care of yourself. We all know it is important to take care of your spouse but sometimes we can lose ourselves in the process. Be kind to your spouse but do not be unkind to you! You have a life in your dreams. Maybe it is to live in another country. Maybe it is to travel across the country by yourself. Do not hide and crush those dreams. They will not die they will affect you the rest of your life. Talk about your dreams. No dream is silly. Don't listen to the voices that attempt to tell you that you cannot have it all. You can. You just have to know it is your dream and you have that dream for a purpose. It is not silly it is the way you will create whatever gift you are meant to give to this world. It will be in your dream life. Plan it like you dream it and live it like you planned it as much as is possible. Sure life will throw you some curves, and your dream will evolve, let it. Let it grow and develop but never disrespect it. If you can do this together you will never lose one another or yourselves.

Planning together does not mean you gave up the element of romantic surprises. It just means when he pops the big question, with the perfect ring, he knows you will say yes and you know he really means "will you marry me"? There is nothing more sad than to watch one of those videos of a proposal gone wrong. You two can have it all. She knows you are going to ask, but she does not know when or how or where. Go for it. Pick out a ring together, you won't get the wrong size or the wrong color. The romance is not in the secrete it is in the obvious effort and thought that you put into the moment. She love you, give her your heart in an event that pours out your feelings for her. Since you don't have to hide the fact you are planning you have more freedom to act. Do it up proper!

Here is a site for planning that we think is great:

You have probably heard of it, they do a great job of helping you plan everything from popping the question to the honeymoon. We invite you to return here often as we are always adding more ideas and information as well as all our new designs. Throughout the year, Greg will be adding new work. We guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised at all the new looks for this year.

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