For the Groom ("I Want to Propose")

So you are ready to pop the big question! Congratulations we want to help in any way we can. We have collected information on this page to help you in your plan. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

Well if you know any or all of the answers to these questions, it is a good idea to get each one of these answered to some degree. Below are some helpful thoughts, links and ideas.

Is your proposal going to be a surprise?

A surprise proposal can be a wonderfully romantic experience. It can also be a very awkward moment. I created a surprise proposal to my wife and it was wonderful and we have a beautiful, fun and romantic story to tell the rest of our lives. My proposal was a surprise but the fact that I wanted to marry her was not and her desire to be my wife was known to me as well. A surprise does not mean she has no idea you are going to ask, just not when and where. Marriage is a very big decision and you need to know your girlfriend very well before you ask her to marry you. You should know that she is going to say yes, at least be pretty sure. If you are not sure here are some ideas about how to learn more about her.

Talk openly about your feelings about marriage. It is not a good idea to propose to someone you cannot tell your feeling about marriage to. Talk openly about your feelings toward her. She needs to know that you think she is the most important person in the world to you. That is what a wife is. Talk openly about the future, what career goals you have and where you want to live. Ask her about her career goals and where she wants to live. Does she want children or not? If so how many and when in her life does she hope to start a family? Tell her your wishes too. Communicate! That is the key to any relationship and marriage more than any other.

When you are confident you know the answers to these questions then it is time to start planning!

Do you know her finger size?

The closer you can get to her size the better. It can be a little awkward to propose and then not be able to get the ring on her finger, or it is so big she loses it in the sand of the beautiful beach you set up for your special proposal.

One thing you can do is get a hold of one of her rings. Even if it is not worn on her wedding ring finger, (the left hand third finger) it is still possible to get a good idea of what her wedding ring finger size is.

You could ask a friend of hers to sneak out a ring that she is known to wear. You can ask a friend that is close to her size and weight to show her wedding ring and get your girlfriend to try it on. If it fits or is a little tight or a little loose then you have a good idea about her size. You can get a friend of hers to ask her to go shopping and get her to go into a jewelry store and try on rings. Any potential bride would love to spend a few hours in a jewelry store dreaming about her engagement ring. The friend could say to the jeweler, "what size are your rings generally"? The jeweler will say 7, and then the friend can say "can you tell me my size"? The jeweler will be happy to size her. The friend can say "wow I thought mine is bigger than that", what size is your finger"? The jeweler will size your girlfriend's finger.

You can ask her mother or sisters. Many women have a good idea of their siblings or mothers sizes and preferences. Her mother and sister(s) are an invaluable resource in this big adventure of yours and they usually love to help. If they do not know her size they can be very creative about how to find it.

Do you know her style preferences? Like ,"is she old-fashioned or really likes modern style".

Picking out an engagement ring for your fiancé may be more stressful than actually asking her to marry you. What if she does not like the ring you pick? Well for many women the fact that YOU picked it out is the special part. What it looks like can be much less important than the fact that you put your heart into the ring you want to see on her. This is not always the case but it is in most cases. Put your heart and soul into it and if she loves you, she will love it.

You If you believe that she wants to pick her own or if you are not sure open up about it. Talk to her about ring designs. Now I know it is easy for me to say, I am a jewelry designer and you are, well, maybe an airline pilot, not the same I know. But, you can use my site to help! Tell her you were talking to a friend and he or she told you about this new website where you can control all the colors on these unusual ring designs. Show her Austin 1. Let her click on the colors and play with it and watch her, listen to her! What is she saying? Maybe they are too wild. I have other designs let her brows them. This is going to be a great way to open up this topic.

You So you still aren't sure, well I have one more option. We offer a plain setting for a diamond that is great for the proposal and is 100% returned for credit towards the ring of her choice. You purchase the center diamond. By this time you would know if she likes color or not. Purchase the color of diamond she likes in the size that you can afford and we will set it in a simple engagement ring for you to propose to her. After she says yes, she can go shopping on our site for her dream wedding set and have the same diamond that you proposed to her with, set in her choice of design. The cost of the setting is applied toward the engagement ring. We even offer a 300.00 off coupon with the purchase of the ring. It can be applied any way you want. Use it for the engagement ring or the wedding bands or save it for your first anniversary present. It is up to you.

Do you know when and where you want to propose?

So now you are all ready. You have the ring, you know she will say yes and you want to make it really special. Maybe it is a private dinner or a visit to a special place you both love. Maybe it is a public event and you want to use it to share the moment with a lot of friends and other people. Maybe it is a holiday and you can ask her in the presence of family. No matter which we would like to help with some ideas for creating a moment you will both treasure the rest of your lives.

Some things to remember:

We will be adding to this blog constantly so visit again to see more ideas.

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